Francisco Liriano Signs Baseballs Most Unique Contract With Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates signed Francisco Liriano to a very unique deal yesterday.  The left-hander gets one million dollars guaranteed.  A number of incentives are also in the deal based entirely on time spent on the Bucs active roster.

Incentives aren’t anything new in baseball.  However, an incentive based around a pitchers non-throwing arm are out there.  Way out there.  I know I have never heard about a deal quite like this before.

In addition to his $1 million guarantee, Liriano can earn an additional $3.75 million in 2013 based on the number of days he is not on the disabled list due to the right arm injury.

The right arm injury.  Liriano is of course left-handed.

The vesting 2014 club option is for $8 million, but it becomes a vested option at any of three levels — $5 million, $6 million or $8 million — based on those number of days that Liriano is not on the disabled list in 2013 due to to his right arm injury.

Crazy?  Yeh.  Only in baseball and well, only the Buccos. 

It’s a smart deal though as the Pirates are trying to take on less risk.

Tom Singer reported that should the 2014 option vest at $5 or $6 million, however, Liriano could still reach the $8 million with bonuses based on games started in 2014.   It appears that a disabled list appearance for a bad back in 2014, for example, would not keep his option from vesting.

The Pirates got Liriano to sign a much reduced deal because of a reported slip and fall in his bathroom.

The lesson?

Be careful this morning ladies and gentlemen.  Be very careful, bathrooms can cost you big money.


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