Pirates Spring Training Pics

The tour of the Pittsburgh Pirates started with watching Stolmy Pimentel pitch live batting practice. Sometimes, we try and tweet or blog about players that we aren’t sure we are spelling their names correctly, it is embarrassing, but we fight through it.

Pimentel threw a lot of pitches, Travis Snider, Alex Presley and Lucas May didn’t swing at many of them. We aren’t sure if that was on purpose or because the pitches sucked. But whatever, the point is we saw Stolmy, he pitched well—so we can say….nobody could touch him.

Meanwhile Joel Hanrahan is expensive and didn’t pitch as well. Bottom line:   The Pittsburgh Pirates win.

The cool hat he is wearing is from the Baseball Assistance Team. We had a chance to speak with Neal Huntington today and if you don’t know what B.A.T. is check it out. We didn’t know, now we do, and it’s pretty damn cool.

Something else was cool today.  Mike Pagliarulo worked with Clint Robinson in the cage before the game.  We mean worked.

Of course, our picture sucks, but the point is Pags was all over Clint Robinson before the game today at McKechnie.  Pags earned his cash today. The batting cages are now located behind the tiki bar in centerfield.  Fans are able to watch the players and coaches work prior to the game.

Robinson whiffed four times in the past two days, but after his work with Pags today, Robinson had himself a day.  It’s the cool stuff like this that still makes the game fun for us.

Pags talks.  People listen.

Jose Contreras is a beast.  In case you missed the earlier pictures check out this from @shamtown on the twitter feed today.

We snuck a peek at his workout regimine and walked away in awe.  Contreras is listed at 41 years old.  He looked in fine shape, but we haven’t heard the words ‘best shape of his life’ just yet… 


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