Train Like A Navy SEAL Goes Mainstream

Hoka Hey!  Paul Reddick Baseball is selling a Navy SEAL workout.  Don’t worry nobody is going to mistake your little Johnny for a top prospect, so there won’t be anybody hosing Johnny down with water, it’s a DVD.

Paul Reddick had fourteen years of pro baseball coaching and scouting experience and turned it into an online product empire. Reddick always rocks Pittsburgh Pirates gear in the numerous photographs online as he markets his products. In this article, …and even more so in this article, Reddick is in full Pittsburgh Pirates uniform as he speaks.

So yesterday it didn’t surprise us when we saw that Reddick Baseball was the first to roll out a Navy SEAL training DVD.  Reddick works on several baseball businesses including being the Director of the Yogi Berra Baseball School.  Yesterday we received the promotional email and the details are below.   We believe more and more organizations are going to start utilizing the training, especially with Reddick behind it and believing in it so passionately as he explains in the video.

Over the last ten years Paul has served as a coach, scout, and consultant to over a dozen major league teams. Paul has spent the last six seasons as a recommending scout with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Paul also served as a state delegate for USA Baseball and coached in the Montreal Expo farm system.

Here is a link to it and some of the language used in the email.

Take The Secrets Of The Navy SEALs Onto The Field With You!!


Everyone knows Navy SEALs are THE most mentally tough members of the American Military. But, how do they become so mentally tough?


That’s easy…Daily Physical Training!


In this program Coach Brad McCleod will guide thorough a complete Navy SEAL style training program. This is based on what the SEALs do first thing every morning.


You won’t need any equipment. You can do it anywhere.


Safe for all ages. From pee-wees to the pro’s.


Here is the link and video of Paul Reddick passionately discussing the  SEAL training  if you want to check it out.

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