The Clemente Effect Will Air On ESPN Sunday

Roberto Clemente’s powerful life is examined in an new documentary coming to ESPN.   Of course, that’s all the description states on YouTube when pulling up the trailer we showed you a few months ago.  But now we have more information for you.

After speculating on The Clemente Effect for a couple months now, we discovered that the documentery will air Sunday.

ESPN will broadcast “The Clemente Effect,” a 90-minute documentary with the vision of capturing Clemente’s legacy, at 4:30 p.m. Sunday, March 10.

Director Mario Diaz, 42, a Puerto Rico native, traveled to Fort Myers in October for filming.

“Our visit to Fort Myers was twofold,” Diaz said. “We wanted to document his years there. It was the first time he experienced the Jim Crow laws. And we wanted to see what the city has done afterward. It was an important part of our story.”

Be sure to check out The Hidden History of Roberto Clemente article.  Really cool.

If you’re a fan of Roberto Clemente we think you will enjoy the trailer entitled “The Clemente Effect.” It is directed by Diaz, and it examines one of the biggest icons Major League Baseball has ever known. As you know, Clemente was the right fielder for the Bucs until he passed away in 1972 in a plane accident.

Roberto Clemente was just 38 years young. He died while taking time to deliver aid to Nicaraguan earthquake victims. Some of the quotes in the trailer are haunting from the Pirates trainer to an unnamed voice who talks about people forgetting about Clemente as some disturbing pictures are shown in the background.

“I’m surprised, I didn’t know they named a park after him. He wasn’t even allowed to stay in the hotels with us.””They forgot what he did.”

If you’ve watched any of the 30 for 30 documentaries, you understand it’s some pretty powerful television.

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