The 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates, Almost Freaking Legend

The 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates: Almost Freaking Legend

Ahh, the losing streak.  So many Pittsburgh Pirates players have had to speak about it over the years.  Jack Wilson wanted to be part of the team that broke it, Jason Kendall had choice words about the atmosphere in Pittsburgh, oh yes, the list is long and just familiar for Buccos fans.  Yesterday, A.J. Burnett added his name to the list of popular players being quoted about the most embarassing streak in sports history.

Wait.  You know I just have to add this… it didn’t sound like Bob Nutting was too embarassed about the streak, he told Pittsburgh Pirates fans to just count to ten if they were upset about how last year ended.

But when Burnett talks about the 20-years of losing,  it sounds like A.J. might understand it a bit better.  It feels like he can empathize with what fans of the storied franchise are feeling these long past twenty years.  In an interview with ESPN, Burnett said the following about ‘the streak.’

“It’s an incredible weight,” said Burnett. “I can only imagine what these fans are going through. We talk about it all the time. Not just if we’d have gone to the playoffs, but what if we’d finished .500? We’d be freaking legends, just for that. But there’s got to be a point made that it goes beyond that. It goes beyond .500, beyond having a winning season. We’re all here for October.”

Legends?  I don’t know about that, but looking back on 2012, I guess it’s safe to now say if the Pirates  finished above .500 it would have been a lot better than what happened, but legends?

Sure it’s A.J.  get on your feet…

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