Brandon Inge: The Official Twitter Hashtag Guide

Brandon Inge made his Pittsburgh Pirates debut this evening.  The Bucs rode six solid innings from southpaw Jeff Locke and got more shutdown work from their bullpen in the Bucs 2-0 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.  Throughout the past few weeks Since Inge was signed this offseason by the Pirates, the veteran has been the target of many questions.

We first started by saying – based on last year’s numbers – Inge would have been the fifth or sixth best player on the 2012 Pirates (if we weren’t lazy, we would link it for you, but we are, so you’ll have to take our word for it. Have we ever lied to you before?).  His production with the Oakland Athletics wasn’t over the top, it was just better than most of the Pirates 25-man last year.

After we saw Inge in Spring Training, it became obvious to us that this couldn’t possibly turn out well for the Bucs.  After he broke his shoulder blade in Spring Training–something we learned tonight.  We hadn’t heard of the severity of his injury.

Anyway: when a player is struggling at the plate, the first thing fans usually hear are what has been used to describe Inge.  The words “veteran leadership” were tossed out, or better yet – the more elusive “veteran presence.”

Most of this evening fans spent firing off their hashtags, so we thought we would gather a few of them together for you.  If you have a few to add please do so in the comments.

It started as most fun thingdo–from the mind of @3rdBoss

#ALLINGE :  Used in a mocking tone in reference to Clint Hurdle saying that Bob Nutting and Hurdle were “All In.”

#ALLINGE :   Or used as 3rdBoss so fondly states below

#crINGE  :    Used in those situations like last evening, when Inge strikes out on three pitches.

#KrINGE  :  See above

#GameOfInges  : For use in those situations where Inge whiffs, warning tracks, whiffs, pops out, or whiffs.

#LunaticInge  :  Can be used…well, because…we know you’re out there.

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