Apr 26, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; MLB umpire Tim Timmons (95) ejects Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle (13) after Pirates starting pitcher Jonathan Sanchez (not pictured) hit a St. Louis Cardinals hitter after giving up consecutive home runs during the first inning at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Destruction In St. Louis, Pirates Dropped 9-1, Lose Walker

It’s hard to remember ever watching a game in which the starting pitcher records no outs, gives up two bombs, and then gets tossed from the game.  Jonathan Sanchez pulled a reverse Doc Ellis if you will.

We don’t have much to say about this tonight other than it was impressive the team never rolls over, Neil Walker played so hard, he will be lost for at least a week.

The game was bad from the beginning, but the Pirates never rolled over.  The team played hard, so hard that Neil Walker was spiked going hard to try and break up a crucial Pedro Alvarez double play ball.  It didn’t work and now the Pittsburgh Kid has six stiches in his right hand.

After the game, Russell Martin said this about what Tim Timmons, the home plate ump, was thinking;

“He doesn’t know Sanchez like we do, he pulled on it, ended up close to his head.  You know that’s not who he is.  Tim Timmons reacted like he did…I feel there could have been a warning.  We battled all the way through, but didn’t do enough.”  Martin

Clint Hurdle got tossed.

After Starling Marte was hit–which happened twice–Jay Bell got tossed.

And then another Bucco player was hit.  We lost track.

The Pirates defense didn’t have it’s best display, but the offense never rolled over.

After the game a dejected Walker said:

“I tried to break it up, my right hand got on the ground.  I got six stiches in my knuckle, no tendon, but I have to give it a few days with no moving.  It’s similar to what I dealt with last year.  The doctor says it will be six or seven days.   It was very, very deep, fortunately it didn’t hit a tendon or hit a bone.  I’m not excited about it.”  Walker

Jake Westbrook pitches today…so that’s a good thing.

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