Pirates Enthusiasm Clubbed By Brewers


Wandy Rodriguez saved his worst start as a Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher for the worst possible team.  The Milwaukee Brewers continued their domination at Miller Park.

This game seemed over before Wandy could muster three outs in the first inning.   We don’t know what it is about the first inning, but some crazy shit has happened thus far in 2013.    And speaking of crazy, the Bucs have now given up ten homers in the past two games in The House of Horrors.

The Pirates got a 1-0 lead, but in the bottom of the first Wandy walked the leadoff batter.  A homer followed.  Rodriguez had a double play ball that Always Smooth Clint Barmes booted.

In reality, it should have been 2-1.  The inning should have been over. But you know what they say about ifs and buts, candy and nuts.  But the Buccos didn’t get out of the inning and Rodriguez continued to suck.  After the first inning which seemed to last over an hour, the scoreboard read 5-1 Brewers.

Gaby Sanchez made it 5-2 later, but it was all Brewers most of the way.  More homers off Rodriguez including back-to-back absolute bombs.

Jonathan Sanchez came in and picked up where he left off before getting ejected against the Cardinals.  Sanchez issued back-to-back blasts and before you could shake the haze, it was 9-2 Brewers.

I’m just curious, how much longer is Sanchez going to be on this roster?    Nothing is working.  Can’t someone tell him it’s the end of the road?  With so many talented arms dying to get a shot at the bigs, it’s hard to see Sanchez surviving the week.  During the broadcast, it was mentioned that his appeal for the presumed intentional bean ball will be heard via video feed on Friday.

Andrew McCutchen singled and Garrett Jones homered to set the Bucs offense at four runs for the night.

Wandy went 3.2 innings and gave up seven earned runs, walked four, and struckout just two.  That’s the problem with the Buccos left-hander as we wrote this morning.  Too much contact and a serious decline in the whiffs, in the punchouts.  Serious road-home splits.  But most improtantly is that contact the bad guys are making off of him.  The .200 BABIP that the southpaw brought into the game is gone.  It really wasn’t hard to see coming.

“You’re leaving balls in the middle of the plate.  You get bad results.  The Brewers play well here.  You have to do things differently.  We weren’t able to execute any part of our game plan off the mound.  Zero.”  Clint Hurdle

Jeanmar Gomez will start Wednesday in the finale against the Brew Crew.  Gomez has 32 starts while he was with Cleveland over the past three season.

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