Three Things That Suck About Pittsburgh Pirates Having Best Record in Baseball

1.  National writers and television crews arrive in Pittsburgh to cover the Pirates.

2.  Local writers start covering the Pirates again.

3.  All of the above including the Zoltan on the four letter network.

Oh, isn’t so damn cute that media types have opinions on how we should act now that our beloved Buccos are successful?  So much national coverage is dropping right now about our beloved Pittsburgh Pirates.  The Bucs are the owners of a damn impressive record and immediately the media types flock to their keypads to write hit generating stories.

We get an article by Dejan Kovacevic, former Pirates beat writer,  leaning on his man crush for Bob Nutting while writing a catch everyone up on the Pirates season article.

The first few paragraphs were so damn good…so vintage Kovacevic.  But we stopped reading right after the line about trusting Bob Nutting.  DK sucks us in every damn time, it has to be the white space.  And. The. Use. Of. Puncuation.

Still, we couldn’t resist highlighting the stroke of all strokes that DK gives his favorite West Virginia millionare as he back hands a few of the men in the Pirates organization that actually worked to make the success happen.

But the fact Nutting feels as he does, and that he’s armed with more information  than any of us can have, and that he challenged his management team to reassess — among many other practices — its free-agency processes right before Russell  Martin became the first productive signing under Frank Coonelly and Neal  Huntington, all of that’s certainly cause for encouragement.

We find it funny that DK tweeted that Martin’s abilities were similar to a unicorn early in the 2013 season.  But the main point is right there in that first sentence.  Nutting challenged his management team.

God, I would have loved to be in that meeting.

I wonder how hard Mr. Coonelly and Mr. Huntington bit their tongues as they explained their strategies to newspaper and hospitality mogul Bob Nutting?  Nutting is the same guy that after the All-Star break cheered loudly for the trade deadline efforts of Mr. Huntington.

Nutting is the same man that when PirateFest brought a record number of Buccos fans to The Convention Center after the worst collapse in Pittsburgh sports history never stepped on the same stage with his management team to answer questions.  Some of those questions were supplied by a Kovacevic article.  A tough-questions-to-ask-do-it-yourself-kit for Pirates fans which conveniently left out any questions directed at Bob Nutting, because you know, Bob Nutting doesn’t do that question and answer thing.  Even when it was the worst collapse in modern sports history.

Sorry.  But in my mind accountability doesn’t end at the top.  It starts at the top.

So why near the end of June should I care when Dejan writes about Bob Nutting thinks will happen to this Pirates team when Bob Nutting didn’t bother to give us his opinion on the main stage in January?

What is DK going to write next?  Probably an article telling fans they better show up at PNC Park.

The second article we got today is by one of the best authors in sports, the founding editor of Deadspin, Will Leitch.  He also wrote one of my favorite sports books.  God Save The Fan.  The title that’s so damn fitting for Pittsburgh Pirates fans it’s ironic.

Leitch calls out Pirates fans for being apprehensive.  Holy shit.  Umm, aren’t you an NFL St. Louis Cardinals fan Will?


So there it is, you’re daily assortment of ‘How To Act As A Pittsburgh Pirates Fan in 2013′ by two talented and accomplished writers.

Instead of getting in line to stroke who gets the credit for the best record in baseball, we are going to choose to keep paying off our season ticket debt, keep overpaying for warm 16 ounce plastic cups of beer at PNC, stare intently at the Chicago White Sox roster for players that could help the Bucs at the trade deadline and nervously sneak to smoke, gnaw our nails and pace frantically as the Bucs eek out another victory.

The people that deserve patted on the back right now are the fans that never stopped having faith when the Bucs rolled into Bradenton each and every season.  People not just in Pittsburgh, but baseball fans.  Everyone contributes to the coffers on Federal Street as baseball flexes it’s healthy muscles and pushes closer to the  NFL in total revenues.

People that need a slap on the back right now are the fine people of Pittsburgh who still feel baseball is sacred.  People that have never wavered in their love for the game, but have often questioned how it was done in Pittsburgh.

Families that still tell the stories of Willie Stargell, Roberto Clemente and Bill Mazeroski to their children who have never been able to sniff a winner at PNC Park.

So no, we aren’t going to get excited reading for the fifth time that Bob Nutting finally decided it would be a good idea to actually question the methods of the team he owns. 

But you’re damn straight we are excited about men like Jeff Banister who have spent their lives trying to bring a winner to PNC Park.

Do you know what doesn’t suck about the Pirates having the best record in baseball?

People like you.

People that have seen me ramble about Bob Nutting and lazy articles.

People that have watched the Pirates get off to these fantastic starts.

People that have endured each and every pathetic finish the past twenty years.

People that have wondered what in the hell compelled them to buy season tickets and how they would pay off those tickets before the Christmas bills started rolling in.

And finally, those same people that will be right back here next April filled with hope for their 2014 Buccos regardless if the 2013 team pushes us  away for the 21st year.



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  • Alan Davidson

    hehe tell us how you really feel. dont bottle it up, let it out

    • rumbunter

      oH man, you pegged it. haha. I was pretty pissed off. The day before vacation pent up energy. You made me laugh Alan. Thanks man.

  • Rumble-Bumble Cat

    Couldn’t agree more. If there is one thing worse than twenty years of losing, it’s the size this bandwagon will be in September. And yes the Buccos will still matter then to the national media. Even if the worst happens, people that read this blog will still be watching even if it’s just to see Tony Sanchez and think about next year.

    • Patrick Kelly

      I for one welcome the bandwagon fans. The more that come out the more money that goes into the team. The more money that goes in, the higher the payroll margin. The higher payroll will allow them to make more signings like Martin. In turn, putting an even better product on the field.

      While the bandwagoners can get annoying at times, it is their $$’s that I care about, because in the end, that money will ultimately help the team.

    • Rumble-Bumble Cat

      I have to admit you make a really good point. The die harders that have suffered through all this deserve the best team possible, and the chances of signing better free agents do increase with more dollars.

      It would be great to honor the die hards though. I would love to see a free tshirt day where they give away die hard bucsfan tshirts to anyone that has a ticket stub from August or later since the turn of the millenium. That would be a nice nod to the fans that kept the team afloat during multiple “five year plans”. If the bucs don’t do it, some business should cosponsor the giveaway with our rumbunter pals.

    • rumbunter


    • blustrk

      I agree. Everyone is welcome. We are family and we welcome the prodigal son back into the fold. I listened to Rosy Rosewell and Bob Prince and today enjoy seeing all the Pirate fans in every ball park. Yinzers bleed black and gold. Go BUCZ!

    • rumbunter

      Rosy and Bob. God, you are lucky. You should write something for us about those icons so fans that didn’t have that opportunity can get a few laughs. I love hearing stories about Bob Prince.

    • rumbunter

      Bring ‘em on!

    • rumbunter

      hahahahaha! so true

  • Lori P.

    You captured my sentiments almost exactly. I don’t mind bandwagon fans except when they profess such outrage when things go wrong. I don’t have much patience for that unless you are a long time supporter/sufferer of the Buccos. I loved listening to Pirates games as a child and got to go the Three Rivers Stadium on school field trips. It’s in my blood and I’ve carried my support proudly, through many abysmal seasons, everywhere I’ve lived while serving in the Air Force. I love what they have done with PNC Park and hope there is a championship there soon! I’ll do my best to get back to Pittsburgh to root them on too!

    • rumbunter

      Thank you for your service. One of the worst things about being in the service is being away from your favorite team. So many people give me shit about covering the Neal Huntington Show each week, but I have received so many cool comments from people that are protecting cant follow the Bucs as close as they used to due to their commitments. We cant thank you enough Lori. Go Bucs. Get home soon.

  • mick wiler

    Great article. Just turned 60 and have loved the pirates since 1960 and the shot heard round the world. It’s been a trying 20 years but this year sure has a good feel to it!

    • rumbunter

      I agree with you Mick!

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