Pirates Drama: The Good and Bad of A.J. Burnett


The Pittsburgh Pirates return to Pittsburgh on a roll, everyone knows that.  But we want to take a quick look back and talk about A.J. Burnett.

Some people didn’t think it was cool that he barked at Clint Barmes yesterday.  It was apparent that Burnett was pissed.  We trust Barmes bitched right back at Burnett and told him to throw a few strikes.

We doubt that happened, but until a player gives it back to Burnett, the guy is the leader and when he is on the mound, he’s drill sergeant hard.

Pops Stargell played the good guy leader role.

When A.J. Burnett is on the mound, he is not a nice man.

Not a great teammate some would say.  When Clint Hurdle came to get him out of the ballgame, Burnett only spoke to Russell Martin saying what looked like “good game.”

He then spit.  It was remotely near some of his teammates, primarily Pedro Alvarez.

[Hurdle downplayed it in an interview this morning on TribLiveRadio.  Video link around 10:20 mark]

Captain Intensity does what Captain Intensity does.  He’s near the end of his career.  He’s not happy with becoming a two-pitch pitcher because by the time the third time through the lineup comes around, it gets tough.

On the mound, A.J. Burnett transforms into a mercenary.  The right-hander has one sole mission.

We’re damn glad he does too.  We can live without the shit that happens, but screw it, pinch yourself, Burnett is one of the best five options to bring home a division title.

The four other days when he isn’t on the mound Burnett has some noted characteristics that should be pointed out as well.  Burnett has been vocal about the treatment of the Pirates players.  The organization does some stupid shit and Burnett is never shy to point it out.

Player parking and the black jersey come to mind immediately.

Burnett has also done what he doesn’t have to do.  We remember watching BP at the beginning of last season and he came over and said hello to everyone.  He didn’t have to do that, we never expected it, but it immediately opened our eyes to the fact that there is a deeper, more personal Burnett outside of the Walking Dead/Batman tweets and colorful tattoos.

Here is a really cool example.

Some people didn’t like it when he barked at Jordy Mercer during the game in Washington. We witnessed it first hand.

Others didn’t like him ‘showing up’ Clint Hurdle. Personally, Hurdle needs barked at more often.

Here is an example of bad A.J.

We didn’t like when he did this, because it probably gets the team an out. AJcatch

Burnett lets fans know how he feels too, the guy doesn’t like the woo.  He tells the fans he doesn’t like the woo.  He tells fans while on camera, he doesn’t like the woo.

Look, on occassion, I like to let a huge woooooooooooooooooo from the bottom of my belly.

If Burnett doesn’t like me doing that, fuck him.


There is no grey line with A.J. Burnett.  Love it. Leave it.  We love it.

So let me make this clear. You are out at your favorite drinking establishment with the one you love. A.J. Burnett walks in. We think most of you buy him a beer. The guy has meant to much to the Pittsburgh Pirates organization to think otherwise. We agree with Dejan.

As soon as the bartender puts it in front of him.

We are standing up and cutting loose a woo that would make Ric Flair blush.

Of course, we know what’s comin’ because we know what A.J. Burnett is.  I think his teammates do too.


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