Pirates Cardinals NLDS: Ten Better Choices Than McClatchy

Any of the people in the picture above would be a better than option than having people think about the past era of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Who wants to relieve that?  Why flash back to the dark times of Pirates baseball on such a glorious day?

Are we supposed to just be thankful that McClatchy saved baseball?  Cmon.  Stop with the fear.

1.  The 2 millionth fan this year should fire that first pitch today.

2.  Why not Andrew McCutchen’s mom, or Pedro Alvarez’s mom.    Think forward, new generation, good vibrations, stop living in the past….these ladies produced some outstanding young gentlemen.  What the hell did McClatchy do for this team….oh, wait, he saved…that’s right.

3.  Pittsburgh loves the past, Pittsburgh loves Steve Blass.  That would be a sane choice if we are going to go into the past—associating the Bucs with a World Series champion is always good.

4.  The 95 year old usher was a big hit.  Hell, pick him to throw out the first pitch.

5.  Since we are going back to the past, hell let my Mom throw it out.

6.  Or maybe your Mom.

7.  Why not a soldier?  If we really want to get into people that saved baseball, people that allow us to be free and enjoy baseball…it’s a soldier.  Maybe pick a Marine, Keep the Hoka Hey! theme going with such an important game and everything.  Dream Like A Hippie Boys!!!

8.  Zoltan.  Is there a Zoltan?  Let him throw the first pitch.  Not the guy from the movie, Hal whats his name, but the real Zoltan.

9.  Let Neal Huntington throw the first pitch.  He put this together.

10.  If we wanted to drive the PNC Park faithful in to an utter frenzy….send out Michael McKenry.  Place would lose their minds.

Go Bucs.

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