A.J. Burnett Sounds Really Happy To Be Home


A.J. Burnett is a cool Dad.  He saw his son’s first baseball game.  And it sounds like he really loves what’s going on in his life.  Right now it has nothing to do with baseball.


Be sure to listen to the interview on WDVE.  The link is below.


Burnett talks about Francisco Liriano and how he told him that he enjoys watching Burnett.  He calls the players like Pedro Alvarez, Neil Walker, and others…. kids.

Burnett won’t get off Twitter because he won’t “get any cool Can-Am gear.”  He mentions that he does Twitter because of the humor and also the positive response from the people of Pittsburgh.

You never know what I’m going to say or tweet.  A.J. Burnett

Regarding a timeline of when we will know if Burnett is coming back… the Bucs ace said, I enjoy going to the gym, taking the kids to school.

I have a chance to maybe coach my kids.  I saw one game of my kids.  I have couple rings.  I helped kids.  I had that in me.  The Pirates brought that out.  I helped kids get better.  That might be a nice way out.

I am in no rush.  I am not gonna prolong it.  I will take a week or so and try to figure things out.

Godspeed A.J. Burnett.

P.S.  The line about all the pitchers should have to fight and the winner gets to take the mound was a great one.

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