The Perfect Christmas Gift for That Hard to Please Clint Barmes Fan


Clint Barmes was recently signed to return to the Pittsburgh Pirates on a one-year, club friendly deal. All of us know that he is an above average defensive shortstop. All of us also know that his offense has gotten worse each year in Pittsburgh.

Because the Pirates employ a heavy dose of defensive shifts behind their ground-ball centric pitching staff, Barmes is highly valuable to the organization. The fact that he also can play second base is a plus for the club.

His defensive prowess inspired the hashtag #AlwaysSmooth. We created rreally bad photoshops celebrating #AlwaysSmooth and it’s fun to see twitter blowup after Barmes makes a nice play.


#AlwaysSmooth 58:4

#AlwaysSmooth 58:4

But we never, ever, thought about doing what Left Field Cards has done.  Baseball cards without pictures?  Baseball cards with graphic design!  Brilliant!  As mentioned by former Bengals wideout Cris Collinsworth on CBS Radio today, hiring a graphic designer to come up with this idea is a damn good one.

This. Is. Awesome.

The only thing I think the designer whiffed on was Barmes should be doing his patented jump throw.   But still, Always Smooth should be proud of the work.  Be sure to check out the other bizarre injuries the team at Left Field came up with and hurry up and order before Opening Day. It’s a perfect gift for the Clint Barmes fan in your life.

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