Ken Griffey, Jr: The Answer is McCutchen, What's The Question?


Ken Griffey, Jr was on SportsCenter doing promotion work for Upper Deck Baseball cards.  It looks like exhausting work that requires answering a multitude of public relation questions with the Upper Deck banner hanging in the background.

Linda Cohn is so pumped to speak with Griffey, Jr.  who she covered when she worked in Seattle or something.  We’re sick, but we find it really funny to see the sheer exuberance on Cohn’s face before the live feed kicks on……and….Griffey, Jr. doesn’t share her enthusiasm.

But his answers are glorious.    There is one answer to the questions asked of Griffey, Jr. and we think you are going to enjoy hearing that answer.  Andrew McCutchen, or as Griffey, Jr calls him…


Who most resembled something about playing style, something something…Ken Griffey, Jr?  [long pause for effect and impact]….McCutchen

Best outfielder in the game? [long pause for effect ]….McCutchen

Ken Griffey, Jr needs to do more interviews.  We love Griffey, Jr interviews.  Let’s pretend to ask Ken Griffey, Jr some questions.

If your Dad wasn’t your Dad, who do you think it would be cool to be your Dad ?    …… [long pause for effect]….McCutchen

Who is the best outfielder since you left the game….  [long pause for effect]  …….McCutchen

If you could have only one baseball card of the current players in the game who would it be?  …..  [long pause for effect]  McCutchen

Who had the best wedding proposal of all time?   ………  [long pause for effect]….McCutchen

Who is the best outfielder whose last name doesn’t begin with ‘Mc’?  …..[long pause for effect]  …….Cutch

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