What everyone was thinking in today's Pirates Brewers brawl. Photo Christopher Horner Trib. Edits are mine.

Photo: Pirates Brewers Brawl, What Everyone Was Thinking

The Pirates – Brewers brawl was entertaining, but the Brewers beat the Pirates again today. Blame Grilli.  Blame Hurdle.  Blame the offense.  Blame whomever you want, but the fact is are the Brewers are rolling through the toughest part of their schedule.  The Pirates aren’t.

Now, let’s get to the only thing that can get our minds off this awful stretch of baseball the Buccos are mired in right now.  The Brawl!

In case you didn’t hear, the teams had a bench-clearing brawl.

So we decided to have some fun and let you know what everyone was thinking, using a pic from Christopher Horner of the Trib.

One catch–Click to enlarge and then hit 160 percent.

Brewers skipper called the hero of the brawl, Travis Snider, by the name of Jeff Snider after the game. So let’s call the Brewers skipper Ron Roanoke. He was thinking….”What can I say after the game to drive everyone crazy.” Jason Kendall and the memory of Dave Kerwin lives on.

Carlos Gomez:  After the game, the Brewers stud said this about pimping what he thought was a homer…. ‘I just thought it was a flyball out, and was like..ugh!’  Yeah, okay – that pic looks like you were piledriven by Jeff Snider.  We call him Travis… and when you wake up tomorrow and your neck hurts, you won’t forget his name.

Russell Martin:  The Bucs catcher didn’t like the rules of conflict.  The mad dog was on all fours being held back by an Eric Hinske look-a-like.

Andrew McCutchen:  The Pirates’ MVP was just looking for a hit.

Ryan Braun:  The hero of the series has a phenomenal look on his face.  As much as I dislike him, I would love to have him on my team.  The guy delivers constantly.   Braun was just thinking about why the boys were fighting…that look is amazing.

Gaby Sanchez:  It’s easy to know why the guys love him.  Too bad about the tighty whities Gaby, Gaby…HEH!

Rick Weeks:  What a mean choke hold.  Too bad it didn’t stop Snider from protecting the Pirates ace Gerrit Cole.

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