Starling Marte provided the excitement for the Bucs in a 2-1 win.

Twitter And The Pirates 'Stand Around Challenge Win'

Starling Marte was out.  No!  Starling Marte was safe!  Of course we missed the action of the game last night as we were in Washington D.C. watching the Nationals battle the Kershaw and the Dodgers.  (The southpaw has the velocity back and it looks nasty.)

Sometimes we think twitter sucks.  But when we get stuck in a place without easy access to the action, twitter is a whole lot of fun.  Last night that place was Nationals Park, surrounded by Nats fans–and a whole lot of Dodgers fans too.

It sounds like we missed a good outing from Charlie Morton but the excitement is Starling Marte.  Since he explained his approach at the plate to Clint Hurdle, he is hitting over .400.  Makes me think why Hurdle doesn’t ask players more often about their approach, huh?

Anyway, we loved the tweets, especially this one.

When we heard the Greg Brown call, we thought damn, that’s about as good as you can handle that call. Kudos.

That was a big win for the Buccos

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