Gregory Polanco homered again for Triple-A Indianapolis.

The Daily Gregory Polanco Drool

Pavlav’s dog drooled a lot.  Pittsburgh Pirates fans continue to drool over Gregory Polanco.  It’s the only thing Buccos fans can do until next month, if all goes well and Polanco works through his issues, cough.

Polanco sat all over this pitch and absolutely crushed it.  Do you have your tissues ready?  Wait…there is some drool on your chin already.  Wipe that off.

Ready?  Ok, hit play.

So to run through what Polanco is doing in Triple-A is mind boggling.  The Pirates keep talking about the number of plate appearances in AAA being a positive thing.  Well how about this side of the argument, despite those extra plate appearances,  Andrew McCutchen never, ever did this while playing AAA baseball.  Pedro Alvarez never did it.  Neil Walker never did it.   Take any consecutive 140 at-bats from those players and it can’t match what Polanco is doing this season.

Bob Nutting has looked into the future and saw a lot of dollar signs.

Bob Nutting has looked into the future and saw a lot of dollar signs.

While the Pirates attempt to be fortune tellers, predicting the future of baseball in the free world, the wunderkid is controlling everything he can control.  After laughing off a deal that would have paid him tens of millions of bucks, Polanco is banking on a much bigger payday from the Pirates.  International League pitchers are showing up at the park with dark circles under their eyes, because Polanco’s numbers are off the chart.  Polanco’s 85 total bases are ten better than anyone else in the IL.

The Pirates are going to make absolutely certain that Polanco will be able to provide a significant impact when he comes up.  Perhaps they will have him swing one handed for the next month?

Just look at that swing.  The ball explodes off the bat.  It’s incredible, heh pass me a kleenex, I’m drooling again.

Gregory Polanco's swing is a thing of beauty.

Gregory Polanco’s swing is a thing of beauty.

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