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Pirates on the Clock: Five Videos From Anthony Rendon Watch

Anthony Rendon is the player we want the Pirates to take with the first pick in the MLB Draft.  Our mind is made up.  So we bring you the latest we could find on the best baseball player available  in the 2011 draft.

It’s unfortunate there aren’t any more real promotional videos to link.  Rendon has spent most of the season getting pitched around and on many occassions intentionally walked.  His season has been a difficult one thus far, but it’s far from over. 

It could be the curse of Dejan too.  That’s what we are going with at least.  Rendon has hit three homeruns this season and has a slugging of .556.  His OBP of 561 tells the real story of his season, the guy is on base at an insane rate with no signs of stopping.

Rendon talks about the first homerun and his sore shoulder.   He brushes off the shoulder injury matter of factly and I believe he talks about a week of rest helping it.
(The video was uploaded on February 26)  Video Link

Rendon strikes out looking against ECU left hander Kevin Brandt.  [Please put your arm down blondie]Here is the video link

Rendon scores a run against UC-Santa Barbara and heads to the dugout. Is his shoulder hanging or am I imagining things?  Video was uploaded March 13. Here is the video link

Rendon rips a double against UC-Santa Barbara. This is the video link

This isn’t included in the count, we just enjoy hearing Coach Graham as Rendon steps up with the bases loaded.   Here is the video link

Rendon doesn’t get it done with the bases drunk. Link

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