Nice, Nice, Very Nice!

By Cocktailsfor2

I am nearly peeing my pants with glee, and Mrs. Cocktailsfor2 is looking at me like I’ve lost my fucking mind [note: this is not the first time she has done this.]…

JOSE TABATA is now virtually a PIRATE FOR LIFE!

Captain Intensity

Cocktailsfor2's man-crush has inked a long-term deal with the Pirates


I said it back in April:

“Tabata may be the most exciting player on the Pirates – yes, Cutch can fly, and Pedro can send ‘em flying – but Jose is an out-and-out joy to watch. He’s certainly my favorite Pirate. This is strictly platonic, by the way, but if I ever meet the guy, I wanna hug him.”

[Also note: Mrs. Cocktailsfor2 understands this man-crush - on our wedding day, I put on a #31 jersey after I got out of my shirt and tie!]

Early details are this (subject to correction, of course):

$1 million signing bonus, increase to $500,000 salary in 2011

2012 – $750,000

2013 – $1 million

2014 – $3 million

2015 – $4 million

2016 – $4.5 million

There are three options on the deal that would bring the total to $37.25 million.

If this is true, or near true, the Pirates got one HELL of a bargain, and Jose Tabata is not only financially set for life, but very well may be a BUCCO FOR LIFE!

Hellz to the YEAH! Looks like the top of the order is settled for the foreseeable future.

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