Pirates lose 8-5 to Rays. Damn Hooters Girls


I mean no harm by this post, just an observation on some things that I witnessed during my Spring Training trip.  The Pirates have lost two games on Friday.  Heh, I know…what are you talking about Smitty?

Hooters is a sponsor of the Pirates. We were able to see the girls at the Friday game against the Braves. They were making their rounds through the crowd handing out promotional items. We took advantage of the ”complimentary mug” coupon after the game. Hooters is only a three minute drive from the park. As we were enjoying the sunshine on the deck, we met the manager who told us a few of the Pirates were in on Thursday night. He also told us it is one of their favorite spots.  He probably was just being a good business developer what fans wouldn’t want to meet their favorite players?  At Hooters to boot.

Thus, I make the assumption that the boys are helping keep us hospitality folks employed which is very important in this economy. So maybe it takes a while to get going on Friday. I can find no fault in that.

As Mark Madden says, Not Hatin Just Sayin.

The largest crowd of the spring was on hand today as The Rays took it to the Pirates and starter Jimmy Barthmaier (0-1) scoring six runs, all earned, over an inning and a third. Virgil Vasquez who had some tendinitis in his bicep made his first appearance of the season and got off to a great start. He struck out the first two batters while pitching a scoreless third inning. Vazquez almost made it through the fourth before surrendering a pair of two out runs.

The Pirates bats got to the Rays late as Andrew McCutcheon blasted a shot of the scoreboard in left center. Freddy Sanchez was 2 for 3, Neil Walker 3 for 5, Ryan Doumit 2 for 3 with a RBI, and Andy Phillips played the final four innings at second base went 2 for 2 with 3 RBI.