We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Broadcast, The Pedro Alvarez Show


The Lynchburg Hillcats sit atop the Carolina League Northern Division with a 6-2 record after Pedro Alvarez blasted a three run walk off home run yesterday.  It took a team effort.  But all eyes at Rumbunter are on one man.  (The) Pedro Alvarez (Show.)

So why not warm up the helicopter as was suggested after Alvarez’ impressive display in the opener?  Well as most know, ‘The Show’ was temporarily interupted by a power outage, a temporary hiatus if you will, or just a plain old case of stage fright.  Regardless of the reason, the show has returned.

Sure, we were all concerned, but think about it.  We all saw the spring training highlights, some of us were able to see the phenom in person.  Certainly it was only a matter of time until he settled in after having such a tremendous opening night.  A debut in which Alvarez, of course the number one ranked prospect in the Pirates organization, went 3-for-4 with his first professional home run, two runs scored and four RBI.

Alvarez followed up opening night by going three games without a hit.

And another one followed to push it to four in the opening game against Winston-Salem.  But he did earn three walks and went 0-for-1.  It appeared as though he was just missing, but another 0-for-3 night went in the books.

An interesting note, while Alvarez did not have a hit in the five games mentioned above, he still managed to total three RBI and four walks.  He broke out two nights ago going 1-for-3 with another RBI.

But last night, well that was simply prime time.  The score was tied in the bottom of the ninth 6-6.  The Hillcats Kris Watts doubled to center to start the inning.  After a strikeout by Alex Presley, Miguel Socolovich was intentionally walked bringing up the hot hitting Jordy Mercer.  Mercer had smacked a three run homer in the eighth the night before. 

But not tonight.  Mercer went down swinging.  Two outs.

Up stepped the star.   I imagine he was thinking about just hitting the ball hard to earn his team the win.  But future major leaguers have a way of stealing the show.  Leaving a memory in the minds of the 1,698 fans who paid to watch the show and many had transformed their hats into full rally mode.  Although a single would have been plenty suffice, the 6-3″ star of the show has a knack for the dramatic.  He was looking to give the fans a little more for their entertainment dollar.

And as the fans exited Calvin Falwell Field, the lights were shining brightly once again on Alvarez.  The scoreboard said it all, Lynchburg 9  Winston Salem 6.  But the memories will last forever, heh do you remember that night Alvarez hit that homer?   Yeh, he had six RBI that night!    Ahh, yes I am jealous.  Envious in fact.

Honey, have you ever been to Lynchburg?  I  hear it is gorgeous this time time of year….

Thank you Pedro.  God speed.


4-10 vs. Potomac
—Strikeout swinging, two outs, bases empty
—Groundout to first, runner on second, two outs
—Groundout second to first, RBI
—Groundout to first, runner on second, two outs
—Groundout first to pitcher, RBI

4-11 vs. Potomac
—Strikeout swinging, two outs, bases empty
—Flyout to center, two outs, bases empty
—Leadoff groundout third to first
—Strikeout swinging, two outs, bases empty

4-12 vs. Potomac
—Flyout to center, advances runner to third
—Pop foul to catcher
—Pop foul to third
—Groundout to second, runner on second, two outs

4-13 vs. Winston-Salem
—Groundout to first, fielder’s choice

4-14 vs. Winston-Salem
—Strikeout swinging, runners on first and second, one out
—Leadoff flyout to center
—Sac fly to deep right, RBI
—Groundout to second, runner on first, no one out

4-15 vs. Winston-Salem
—Flyout to warning track in center, moves runner to third
—Single to left
—Sac fly to left, RBI
—Strikeout swinging, bases empty, one out

 Here is the offical link on MILB which highlights Alvarez, the Carolina RBI leader