Act Like an Ars = Wrist Slap for Carlos


I am shocked.  June 4th is the next start?  So….next Thursday against Atlanta the Big Z can take the mound.  Ok.  What is happening in MLB?  Just feel free to lose it and it’s ok?  Six games and a three thousand dollar fine?  Your kidding right?  [ESPN]

The home plate umpire initiated the contact?  What tape did you watch?  I saw Umpire Carlson simply make a call.  A call that was correct no matter how may times you look at it and stand his ground.  I consider initiating contact going after a player.  Carlson moved….perhaps six feet during the altercation.   This is a joke.  Again.  [ Chicago Trib]

Improvements rolling in Bradenton  [Business Wire]

John Daly is getting it together   [San Jose Mercury News]

Pedro is on the rise.  He is hitting .242 now with two more walks and a double yesterday and today he went 2 for 5 with a triple and three RBIs, giving him 40 RBIs for the season

Steven Jackson allowed four runs, one earned.  Yikes!

Doumit is cleared for rehab!  Wooo Whoo!

The multi million dollar question…………