Neil Huntington Won’t Be Answering Calls Today for The Pirates. He’s Busy.


Pirates GM Neil Huntington said in his show before the game yesterday, he will take his family to the All-Star game to ”hopefully make some memories for them.”    Meanwhile, back at PNC Park the team in the office today will be left to explain the disappointing series, predict the upcoming trades, and generally, try their best to sell tickets to the second half of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

And you thought you’re job was tough.

They also will try their best to diffuse beat writers that predict Sunday’s starter won’t fair well AFTER the game is completed.  That always helps the worker bees.  Nice article.

NH mentioned The All-Star game isn’t so much about getting deals done anymore as much as it is a corporate entertaining event.


Isn’t that special?  How about making some memories for the Pirate fans?   How about providing some face time with your sales and PR staff who have been working like caged dogs while, arguably, the largest ‘plan’ in Pittsburgh Pirates history is put into place?

You have to be careful what you say NH.  You are working your tail off, and until you made these comments today I felt you had made some gutsy moves.

The comment on your show today wasn’t gutsy.  Or smart. It was simply a personal comment from a GM that has spent every minute of his time on the job of reconstructing a professional baseball team.

But the fan base doesn’t trust a move you make.  And I like the fact that you don’t care.

Was it a candid comment?  Yes it was.  But far from smart.

Because in a blue collar town that will look at their Pirate team in the cellar of the Central Division, once again, winning can’t come quick enough.


The NH show was taped on Saturday.

About five hours after the show was taped, Matt Capps and JR combined on an unforgettable ninth inning loss to the World Champion Phillies. 

About fifteen hours later and minutes before the game, the prerecorded NH show runs on 104.7.

My cell phone blows up.

We get the lowdown on the Huntington family trip to the All-Star Game in St. Louis.  (Say hello to the corporate execs for me, NH)

About an hour later….Virgil, The Virge, Vasquez gets sent to the showers after giving up five runs to the Phillies. 

Great timing NH.

The Pirates are just fortunate the Phillies pulled back on the reins yesterday.  If they hadn’t,  heading into the All-Star break could have been even worse for the organization.

Especially those answering the phones today at PNC Park.

Zach Duke was named to the All-Star team. Whew! The Pirates can now officially trade Freddy and still have a jersey to send out to season ticket holders next year. Readers, you officially get a break for not voting McCutchen into the All-Star game now.

Pedro Alvarez had an infield hit for an RBI and struck out, but Brad Lincoln gave up the inherited game winner in the final frame as the US fell to the World team 7-5.  (Ahem, heh Neil) the Twins outfield prospect Rene Tosoni’s pinch-hit, RBI double got the job done.

Rumbunter will have a few interesting posts over the next few days focusing on youth.  We will have an interview with Kyle McPherson as well as a look at just how young this team is and will be in August.