Pirates = Where The Wild Things Are


Where the Wild Things Are. Theatrical trailer. @ Yahoo! Video

I think the Pirate organization reminds me a lot of Where the Wild Things Are, the raw new movie from Spike Jonze based on the 1963 Caldecott Medal (means it is great) winning book by Maurice Sendak.

We loved that book when we were kids didn’t we?  Sorta like we loved the Pirates.

The book was ten sentences.  Classic.  Always great.  Sort of like our old Bucs.

The movie lasts forever. You know forever very well, because 17 years sure does feel like forever.

Max played by Pirates GM Neal Huntington.  He sailed out of Cleveland into Pittsburgh to find all of these monsters.  With no proven qualifications, he was annointed king. 

While king he also convinces everyone that he will make things better.


Carol played by Pirates President Frank Coonley.  Voice by James Gandolfini (yeh Tony Soprano which wasn’t a problem for my six year old son Brody but really messed with my head)  In the movie, Max lands on the island and quickly finds Carol tearing down his home. 

But the new home they build is, well…you gotta see the movie.

Carol convinces everyone that Max is doing everything right as King….for most of the movie.

Carol controls most everything on the island, except KW and the Dog.


KW played by Perry Hill.  This character is a very  talented loner and  just couldn’t stand being around the other wild things.


Douglas.  The beaked one.  Joe Kerrigan.  Carol “counts on Douglas for everything.”


Judith henpecks the loyal Ira.  Gotta be Jose Tabata’s 43-year old baby stealing  former wife. 

As Judith says to Max, “I’m a real downer.”


Alexander, the soft horned and soft spoken wild thing, is (of course) played by skipper John Russell.   The body language is perfect in the above picture.

Let the wild rumpus begin!

PS- The fans don’t appear much in the movie, but I would say the fans are the Dog.  “Don’t feed it, or it will never leave you alone,” Frank/Carol is heard saying.