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BREAKING: McCutchen Got Robbed. Does This Ballot Look Fishy to You?





Andrew McCutchen was pencil whipped yesterday by some clueless old Journalism majors.  Despite the following facts listed below he didn’t win the Rookie of the Year.  Apparently, new, more performance based stats are available to the writers that are unknown to the rest of the lowly baseball public.

Not that McCutchen needs another award, because the man can hear silence, but when a robbery happens in broad daylight RumBunter felt obligated to investigate.

We were able to uncover the ballot shown above and then it got real interesting.  Heh, wasn’t Coghlan from that state that had the hanging chad too?

McCutchen had 71 less plate appearances than the winner.

McCutchen still had more stolen bases.

McCutchen still had more extra-base hits than any rookie.

McCutchen had the best WAR of all candidates.

McCutchen had the best VORP of all candidates.

McCutchen finished fourth, but had more HR than the winner.

McCutchen had more assists than the winner.

McCutchen drew more walks than the winner.

Despite these facts, there were 32 ballots with three spaces on each ballot which equals 96 total openings.  McCutchen was only named on seven ballots.  

Where are the police?