Octavio Dotel Continues Resurgence


At RumBunter, we look for any excuse to post the Octavio Dotel entrance video. Today, we have a valid reason. RotoGraphs does an excellent job at pointing out his April struggles and then focuses in on his success in May. The take a look at his performance during those two destructions by the Brewers and in general, left handed hitters.

"4/13 – 2B to Schierholtz, HR Velez (both batting lefty)4/16 – 3B to Dickerson (LHB), SF Cabrera (RHB)4/18 – HR Bruce (LHB)4/22 – 1B Counsell (LHB), 2B Edmonds (LHB), 1B Escobar (RHB), 1B Weeks (RHB), 1B Parra (LHB)4/26 – 1B Fielder (LHB), BB Hart (RHB), 2B Zaun (LHB), HR Escobar (RHB)4/28 – 2B Braun (RHB), 1B McGEhee (RHB)Lefty batters were just killing Dotel in April. Six of the eight extra-base hits he allowed in the above stretch came versus lefties. You know things are bad when Parra, in the game as a reliever, comes on and delivers a base hit. Flash forward to May+ and here was Dotel’s line against LHB:1-10, SAC, 3 BB, 3 Ks"

We wrote a few days ago that Dotel kept his pimp hand strong and turned it on in the month of May. He was perfect.

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