John Daly Goes Long Again at Nemacolin


John Daly was back in Pennsylvania today crushing 400 yard drives.  Twice.  Hell, maybe five times, we didn’t pull out a measuring tape.  The bottom line is

Daly is back.   It had been four years since Daly was on the course that held the PGA Tour’s  84 Lumber Classic.

We were fortunate to hang out with him and bullshit about Twitter, golf, and girls.   We’re proud to say there were no beers.  No late nights.  And yes, he is still as fun as he ever was.   It’s good to see.  In fact, it’s a complete 360 from this article regarding Daly’s performance in the very first 84 Lumber Classic. 

But one thing remains for Daly.  His drives from the tee boxes still make jaws drop.  Just like his new girlfriend.  Yeh, she’s hot.  Nothing new for JD.

"“Man it’s great to be back in PA.  Back at Nemacolin…..  It feels like home man…”  John Daly"

Daly was launching drives with ease as he rocked the Loudmouth Golf attire he has single handidly brought into the forefront of trendy sports attire.  He let us know there will be four new designs coming out tomorrow, be sure to check ’em out.  

We will be watching for the new pants from Loudmouth, but are really looking forward to the day when we can watch Daly launch those jaw dropping drives as he chases another PGA title.  Good Luck big fella.