Juicy Fruit Saved The Pirates Season For This Fan


We confused many of our visitors with our list of things we were thankful for as Pirates fans.  Let us clear up the biggest one for you.  The Pittsburgh Pirates were blown out a ton in 2010.  At one point, it was nearly forty percent.  We refuse to determine the exact percentage, but we distinctly remember the pain.

After each of these blowout losses, we would try to listen to

the post game show that Rocco DeMaro hosts called Extra Innings.  After a blowout, Rocco would try to cheer up Pirates fans.  The Resistance as he calls them.

One way this was accomplished was when Rocco played the jingle from a Juicy Fruit commercial….it was catchy.   It put a smile on your face during a difficult time.

Rocco’s post game show-Pirates Extra Innings-is one of the highlights for us, and a bunch of Pirates fans, during the season.  Roc points out facts in an interesting manner during his show.  After the Pirates final blowout of the 2010 season, we remember Roc this with some help from the Pirates PR staff:

During the 2010 season, the Pirates were blown out in all five of their 12:35pm  start time games.  Juicy Fruit made it better.  We love that catchy tune.  We listened to Juicy Fruit after each of the 39 blowouts they suffered during the season.  Yeh, 39 blowout losses.  Not a typo.  Pass the Juicy Fruit.  It’s the taste that’s gonna move you!

Unfortunately we knew it word for word by seasons end.  Enjoy.  We hope it stays in your head all day.    [Heh, thanks for all the emails about our list of thankful items.  We need to write in a confusing font more often.]