WWE Smackdown: Big Show Forgets Pittsburgh Has A Baseball Team


The WWE Smackdown tour rolled into the Consol Energy Center

last night for a house show.  The sold out Pittsburgh crowd were cordial hosts for the WWE especially when one of WWE’s  biggest stars forgot about the Pittsburgh Pirates.

If only Pittsburgh could forget.

It happened before Big Show and Rey Mysterio started a tag team match against Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio.   The world’s largest athlete grabbed the mike and attempted to educate his foes with a little history lesson on Pittsburgh sports.  It went something like this:

“Don’t forget where you are boys….you are in Pittsburgh.”

Of course the crowd went crazy.

“Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers and…. ”

The crowd went crazy.

“Home of the Pittsburgh Penguins.”

The crowd went crazy once again, but some muttering ensued as Big Show moved along in his pre-match hype.  A few die hard Pirates fans in the crowd behind us started yelling “Let’s Go Bucs!” and “What about the Pittsburgh Pirates?”

It got louder.  That’s when nearly half of the arena erupted.  Apparently pissed off by just mentioning Pittsburgh and Pirates in the same sentence, boos cascaded from the rafters and some even chanted “Bucs suck, Bucs suck!”

It was good family fun.   Thanks Bob.

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