Can This Man Save The Pittsburgh Pirates?


For what seems

like an eternity, the Pirates have been doing something that bothers Pittsburgh Pirates fans.  It’s not the losing, well it is, but like Pirates owner Bob Nutting said recently, let’s not talk about failure right now. (See the passionate Bob Nutting speech in a post below.)

What we’re talking about are those overplayed Pittsburgh Pirates shopping channel commercials.  They’re not funny.  And Pirates fans need some off-the-field laughter damn it.

So here’s a tip.

Clint Hurdle is being trusted to improve the on the field product this season for the Bucs.  Perhaps the Bucs could use Hurdle in some new marketing as well.

Hell, it’s all about cost control in Pittsburgh and Hurdle is already on the payroll, it only makes sense to allocate his talent wisely.

Hurdle’s drop dead stare is something they can’t teach you in drama school.

The rock solid, low baritone voice is the envy of opera singers nationwide.

Surely Bob Nutting won’t let Clint Hurdle, a mulit-talented, future Emmy Award winner, just rot in the dugout.

Clint knows how to act, trust us.  Now let’s just trust the Bucs cash in on it..because the home shopping channel… well, that just sucks.

Hit the play button.  Amp it up to the 1:30 mark. Sit back. Relax. Watch the master.


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