Pirates Jameson Taillon Starring In ‘Operation Believe’


The preperation now turns to execution.  The hype turns to expectation.  The interviews that sparked the interest of Pittsburghers are over.  The next interview will be about getting it done, or not getting it done.  It’s time to lace ’em up for Jameson Taillon.  Sure the interviews were great, especially the one that Colin Dunlap did on his PBC Blog.

But the Pirates need pitching right now.

"“No one is placing unreal expectations on me. They wouldn’t have picked me with the number two overall pick if they didn’t want me to help out sooner rather than later, but they want to…kinda..take the time to develop me right.”—–Jameson Taillon"

The fans want to see proof that it’s on the way.  The wait has been a long one.  The list of failed Pirates starters would fill your screen, even if it was size six font, single spaced.  A dominant ace would cure many of the ailments of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

So can Taillon be that ace?  Well, we are hours away from getting a first look with a bad guy in the batter’s box.  It certainly seems Taillon has everything one looks for in the elusive ace the Bucs have failed to produce for such a long, and…… well, excrutiatingly painful time.

Dunlap was impressed with his maturity.  The interview almost sounded boring which, by the way, is very unlike the Jameson Taillon twitter account.  Taillon was all business in the January interview.  On twitter he is hilarious.  So if Taillon turns into what everyone thinks he will, the combination could be magical.    Maybe he would be allowed to tweet between innings?    Damn, that would be tremendous.

>>>>>>>Damn I made Braun look silly on that cb huh?  #Braunstillsucks

Wednesday night in Charleston West Virginia we get to see what it’s all about.  Should Taillon show promise this summer, a city can start to see just what this draft and development business is all about.

Some doubters will start to believe. Some doubters won’t believe until another World Series trophy is housed on Federal Street–such is life as an oppressed Pirates fan.  Some believers will start to become fundamentally fanatical.

And it’s been awhile that this town has been fanatical. Well, about baseball that is.

We especially enjoyed this quote from Taillon. He says it at the end of the interview. Just about the time we are thinking ok, this kid sounds Sidney Crosby, he said it.

"“I’m out here playing ball everyday, it doesn’t get any better than that.”"

Yep. He’s a baseball junkie. Screw the 7am classes his buddies are going to, Taillon has bigger goals.

Like helping a city get it’s first love back.

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