Brewers Ryan Braun Busted for PEDs


The Milwaukee Brewers

destroy the Pittsburgh Pirates religiously. Our disdain for the Brewers is well known. However, none of those feelings compare to what we have for someone that cheats.  Ryan Braun appears on initial reports to have cheated.

Today I hurt for the Brewers fans because nobody saw this coming.  But not for Braun.  It will take until August 24 before the Brewers make it to PNC Park in 2012.  It should be fun.  See you then *Hammer.

Right on cue, stories out of Milwaukee state that there are some ‘highly unusual’ reasons why there were synthetic hormones in his body.  (Ryan Braun Training for the Kentucky Derby?) There are people that believe the reasons that Braun is spewing for pissing hot.  A few tweets say that he will be found innocent and it is such a tragedy that this story came out.

Yeh, our homeboy Floyd Landis said all that shit too.  So did my roomie in the Army after a yellow bayonent came up scorching.   One can only believe the fantasies for so long and I was done believing a long time ago.