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Pirates Tony Sanchez Makes Remarkable Catch, Flip into Padres Dugout


Pirates catcher Tony Sanchez lands on the concrete in the Padres dugout.

Tony Sanchez made a remarkable play as the Pirates whipped the Padres.

The Pittsburgh Pirates Tony Sanchez doesn’t take any plays off even with the Pittsburgh Pirates crushing the San Diego Padres. The catch and subsequent flip into the Friars dugout is unbelievable.

Sanchez said he checked his glove to make sure the ball was still in there.   After losing 2-0, 5-2, and 3-2 to the Padres, the Pirates erupted for a 10-1 thumping of the Fathers in an afternoon tilt at PNC Park.   Jose Tabata played a great game for the Bucs playing for Starling Marte whose wife is having their first baby today.  The rest of the Bucs lineup behind him came to life getting homers and a pile of hits from nearly everyone with a bat in their hand.

Gerrit Cole took care of the rest with 12 strikeouts over six innings for his third straight win.

The game was well in hand with Jason Grilli on the mound for the Bucs.  Sanchez flashed his neon nails, Grilli fired the pitch and Sanchez flipped his mask and headed toward the Padres dugout.  If you listen closely, you can hear Sanchez yell “I got it!.”  The rest is magic.

"“You might never see a catcher make a better play than the one Tony made today, it’s one of the best plays I have ever seen by a catcher…tremendous play.” Clint Hurdle said in the postgame."

We could watch this about ten thousand times.

When the Bucs trainer comes over and talks to Sanchez we couldn’t help but think of the Snickers commercial.  We can only imagine what Sanchez said, but the “I’m Batman” line would have been perfect.

Tony Two Bags is seeing more and more playing time in very important games.  As we said on the Podcast, if Sanchez isn’t on the postseason roster, we riot.  The kid is playing his ass off and will be with the Pirates organization for a very long time.

He also won’t ever have to buy a drink in this town again after that catch.  Un. Freaking. Real.