Top 10 Funniest Hunter Pence Signs Tweets


Hunter Pence Signs was trending in the United States today. Here are the funniest.

Hunter Pence Signs or better known now as the popular hashtag #HunterPenceSigns on Twitter is hitting Pittsburgh hard.   The gents at BucsDugout have a ton of them here, including the one we photoshopped above.  Even better, Pittsburgh had it trending in the United States.  Go Pittsburgh.

The Hunter Pence Signs became a thing when a group of New York Mets fans–yeah, we know, mocked the San Francisco Giants outfielder back on August 1, 2014.  The Hunter Pence Signs were original enough that they caught the attention of @MLBGIFS.  Here is there tweet with a pretty funny reply.

Pittsburgh got Hunter Pence Signs trending nationally this morning and here are a few of the funniest ones. We have a feeling this isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.  Let us know yours in the comments.

As always, Judge nailed it.