Pittsburgh Pirates Minors: All Decade Busted Prospect Team

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Pittsburgh Pirates
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With the decade coming to a close, now seemed like a good time to look back on who the best Pittsburgh Pirates prospects were since 2010.  Instead, let’s look at the prospects that never worked out.

The 2010s were much better than the 2000s for the Pittsburgh Pirates. They had multiple winning seasons and made the post-season on three separate occasions.  Part of this was because of the farm system that Neal Huntington and company built up.  As is with any small market team, the Bucs saw their core players come up through their own organization.

Furthermore, Neal Huntington committed to tearing down the team when he first was hired.  This was important because not only was the major league club in turmoil but so was the farm system that Dave Littlefield left behind.  It was important to find someone who would commit to rebuilding the Pittsburgh Pirates in the correct way.  Yes, it took a couple of years for Huntington’s plan to kick in, but the team and the fan base were rewarded with three straight playoff appearances.

While Huntington had top draft picks during his first few seasons as Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager, he ended up having more picks outside the top 10 than inside.  This played a large role in his demise as General Manager.  Huntington’s initial plan had a lot of success but ultimately led to his dismissal due to a failure in continuing to find those top prospects who would make an impact at the Major League level.

With that being said, who were the top prospects in the 2010s that were promised to be the next star player for the Pittsburgh Pirates?  Let’s take a look at each position.