Players You Probably Didn’t Know the Pittsburgh Pirates Drafted

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The Pittsburgh Pirates have drafted hundreds of players in the franchise’s history. But you probably didn’t know they selected these players at one point.

The MLB Draft is where most teams acquire their top minor league talents. While the Pittsburgh Pirates have had a handful of misses over the years, such as in the 2011 draft which had the potential to be one of the best in MLB history but did not come to fruition, or the 2009 draft that, well, flat out sucked. All in all, they’ve drafted many players over the years. Some of these players are ones you probably did not even know were a player in the Pirates organization at some point.

So, today, let’s walk down the list of Pittsburgh Pirates draft picks that stand out when you look back at their draft history. Some of these players never even played for the Pirates at the Major League level. In fact, some of them never even signed with the club. Meanwhile, some blossomed later in their careers, but with other teams.

With all of that said, let’s dive into our list of players you probably did not know were drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates.