Pittsburgh Pirates: Five Best Right Fielders in Franchise History

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Pittsburgh Pirates
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The history of Pittsburgh Pirates outfielders is very deep. Let’s go over the five best players at our last outfield position, right field.

So far, we have covered left field and center field. So, let’s get into our final outfield spot on our countdown of the five best Pittsburgh Pirates players in franchise history at each position – right field.

Right field has many names that are, or at least should, be in the Hall of Fame. So needless to say, the Pittsburgh Pirates have a ton of history and tradition at the right field position.

Like I have always said with any of these lists, I will be putting heavy emphasis on era adjusted stats like OPS+ and wRC+. After all, a .500 slugging percentage means two completely different things in 1900 and 2000. Which is just one example why it is important to use era adjusted stats any time you are comparing players across different eras of baseball.

I will also take into account time played. Every player here has appeared in at least 2500 plate appearances. So without further ado, let’s get this list started off with number five on the list of the five best right fielders in Pittsburgh Pirates franchise history.