How Big Was The Ohlendorf Trade?

Ross Ohlendorf finished his season by throwing seven innings with five strikeouts and allowed only one earned run.

Could you imagine the Pirates without Ohlendorf in the rotation?  His last ten starts Ross had a 2.77 ERA and a 1.09 WHIP.  His time spent in the Yankees organization and his familarity with Kerrigan surely helped, but Ross certainly worked hard on improving and became one of the Pirates most improved players this season.

Ohlendorf was solid each month of the season.  He had big wins against Milwaukee, St Louis, and Colorado.  He pitched well enough to win in several other starts.

I was impressed with numerous outings by Ohlendorf this season, but his games against the World Champion Phillies late in the season opened my eyes.  He wasn’t dominant, but in two games he went 12 innings, struck out eleven and allowed five earned runs. On Aug 25, the two earned runs he allowed were both homers.  [Ohlendorf Game Log]

Steve Blass said it best yesterday, “tip your cap to Ross.”

Matt Capps on the other hand went entirely the opposite direction.  It’s a sad time for the bull rider.  GM Neil Huntington had his Sunday Show yesterday and wouldn’t commit on whether the Pirates will even tender Capps in the offseason.

Yesterday’s game was like many the Pirates played in the past few months.  Few hits.  Fewer people are even interested.  [Here is the video highlights link DON'T MISS THE CATCH BY THRILLEDGE!]

It’s damn sad. 

Hell even some Pirates aren’t interested in getting better? [GM irked by winter refusals--PG]

 Now the fans not being interested in Pirates baseball is one thing, but players not interested in improving?  That’s entirely different.  Neil Huntington talked about it on his radio show and the PG covered it this morning.



Pedro Alvarez keeps raking for Team USA as it hammered Italy 12-3.  [Link to box]

Team USA plays Australia (7-2) today at 11am EST.


 Here is to 2010 Pirates…Hit it Geto Boys

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