Spring Training was FANTASTIC


I will be doing some more in depth on each of these topics prior to opening day. I have many pictures and some great stories to touch on. For now, I am safe and back in snowy Pennsylvania. And the Bucs are 4-1 in Grapefruit baby. Wow.

1. I saw Jesus. I mean Alvarez. He just has something.
2. I am playing for Ian Snell’s chuch softball team. Sorry TNT.
3. As predicted, Pops was right. Moss is the man. He will be more than advertised.
4. D.McCutcheon. His Off speed stuff is wicked. And he was focused. BIG TIME
5. Evan Meeks sick slider.
6. T-A-B-A-T-A
7. Karstens sinker
8. Burnetts changeup
9. Shelby Ford will be our second baseman, maybe in 2010 or sooner. He is working hard with Coach Hill.
10. Donald Veal is back. And he’s big. And he’s smooth almost effortless. The ball just jumps from his hand.
11. Garret Jones could play for the Steelers if Spaeth gets hurt.
12. Rhino loves baseball.
13. Chuck Tanner likes Neil Walker. A Lot.
14. Kerrigan and the 4″ mat is going to be a nice video for everyone.
15. The Pirates are 5-1. Why do people say the games are meaningless? I guess because we won?
16. Sanchez looks in great shape.
17. Starting Pitching was excellent during my visits.
18. I think it would make no sense to move spring training to Arizona.
19. What will we do without Jack Wilson?
20. Our baserunning still stinks. Heh, I had to have one gripe