Is Nyjer Morgan Blowing His Chance? Not Really..


Is anyone else surprised with our outfielders this year?

Nate McClouth got paid.  Nate McClouth looks great again.  Check, move on to the corner outfield positions.

I find it shocking to see Nyjer Morgan not making a good impression this spring.  He gets another start today at the top of the order against the Sox.  He was O for 5 against the Astros yesterday with his first fielding error.

He certainly is getting his chance to prove his is the starter.

His results are proving quite alarming thus far.  Morgan has 27 at bats and just four hits.  He has stolen two bases and been caught once.  Struck out twice and has a hideous .179 on base percentage.

He has no walks.

That is going to be our leadoff man?  We need more.

But nobody has stepped up to really grab a job from him. Outside of Nate, it could be argued that few of our outfielders have really impressed.  Actually, nobody has had great numbers.

Due to injuries, we haven’t been able to watch Eric Hinske and Steve Pearce (maybe he can play OF at a high level?)

Craig Monroe seems to be a viable candidate.  I wasn’t impressed with some of his outfield plays recently, but he is right handed and hitting .273 with .636 slugging.

Brandon Moss has a significant bruised thumb and mild sprain now, but he was hitting a paltry .150 prior to the injury.  Reports say he will be ready by opening day.  I guess that means much of the remainder of spring training will be spent in rehab. 

Andrew McCutchen deserves to be on the big league club you say?  He is hiting a whopping .143.

Jose Tabata has walked three times and scored two runs although hitless in three at bats.  He is bound for the minors, but I liked what I saw of him against Atlanta. 

Jeff Salazar will get his chance to improve upon his .222 average with a start today in right field.

Andy Phillips has raked (.467), but isn’t a full-time outfielder.  Garrett Jones has hit well (.368) and is showing more comfort in the outfield.

With so many outfielders banged up, Morgan should see even more playing time.  I am watching him and all the outfielders closely this week.

I am still thinking we are going to see great things from Hinske and Moss once they come back from their injuries, but in the meantime someone….anyone… step up and win a job with your performance this spring.

And Morgan please have a hot week.  I know you can’t lose the job if nobody takes it from you.  But show us something.