Joey Galloway Can Wear 84


Joey Galloway.

Tampa Tribune: Ex-Buccaneers wide receiver Joey Galloway told Solomon Wilcots and Gil Brandt of Sirius NFL Radio  “I feel great. Physically, at the end of last season, because I didn’t play a lot during that season, I came out probably as healthy as I’ve been in my 14 year career. So I’m pretty excited about what happens next. I’ve started working out, preparing myself, which I always do at this time of year. So I’m looking forward to it and I feel great physically, mentally. I’m looking forward to the new challenge. So we’ll see what happens.”

Teams visited:

Patriots.  Come on.  They are sooo 2007.  Nobody remembers the runner up in the Super Bowl. Belicheck traded Cassel and Vrabel for 2nd rd pick. They need help to get their act together.

Bills.  Ahh, some other guy signed with them.  What’s his name?  Who wants to play in Toronto anyway.

Steelers.  Super Bowl Champs.  In need of an insurance player just like you Joey.  Closest city to Galloway’s football team, the Columbus Destroyers and his landscaping business in Dublin, Ohio.  Also, WR Coach Fichtner is from Cleveland Ohio.  Talk to Byron about how much fun he had in Pittsburgh.

Sounds like we have a match Steelers fans.

Come on Omar get a deal done.

If this miracle happens, Dezmond Sherrod will need to give up his number.  I am sure he can work out a fair price.

Thanks for the great insight on Mr. Galloway at my favorite blog.