Prediction: Lynchburg Sells Some Tickets Today Ponder Scratching Snowglobe Night


I was curious about the Class A team Pedro Alvarez is going to be visiting for a brief time this year.  The Lynchburg Hillcats.  Kinda catchy.  I thought they only had lemonade down there.  Shame on me.  Now they have Lynchburg Lemonade and Pedro.  Sign me up!

I saw a few things that were exciting on their website tonight.  A lot of former players…Joey Bats, Brian Bixler, but one glaring and quite noticeable person missing…Pedro?  Pedro Alvarez?

As I perused the site I found that The Hillcats are pleased to announce their promotional schedule for the 2009 season. The upcoming campaign will feature the most jam-packed promotional line-up in team history!

Ok, nice to know about the promotions, but guys, you have had Pedro for over 12 hours now and counting.  Where is the photo?  Please don’t disrepect Pedro like this, you could be slowing down the future!

COME ON.  IT’S 1214AM.  Who is the intern for this team and why are they are missing this opportunity?

The Hillcats website has a whole bunch of other stuff  like the word plethora (come on intern!) post-game fireworks (original), 25 cent hot dog night, tatoo night (heh, cool idea), Christmas in July Snowglobe Night–ok, just scratch this one alright.  It now is watch Pedro hit a ball so hard into our fence it snaps in half night.  Send the snowglobes back.  No wait, he won’t be in Lynchburg in July.  Keep the snowglobes.  And please don’t talk about his weight…he is a ballplayer not a fitness trainer.…a-body-builderalvarez-do-we-want-a-ballplayer-or-a-body-builder/

Wow, check out that bobblehead…did Nate look like that when he was in Lynchburg?  Aramis Ramirez is still a draw in Lynchburg.  Heh, that’s cool.

Well anyway, Lynchburg good luck with your phone volume today.  I hope you hired a few temps for this week.  Enjoy talking about Pedro as you sell the hell out of some tickets.  Enjoy Pedro and the Lemonade.  It will be fun….while it lasts.

Pick a date for next years former Hillcat Pedro Alvarez bobblehead night now.