Piratemania 17. Last Pitcher Standing Match- Karstens vs. Vasquez


Presumably, the battle we all have been waiting for begins today for the coveted fifth starter spot for the Pirates. It definently is an undercard as both pitchers have not come up with a cobra clutch on the spot. The final two men standing are…. in the red corner, standing 6’3″ weighing in at 205 pounds from Santa Barbara California, Virgil Vasquez.  In the blue corner, weighing in at 185 pounds and standing 6’3″ from San Diego, California Jeff Karstens !

Pirate fans, it has come down to these two right handed pitchers.  Each have displayed some ability in the minors.  Each has not proven their ability on the big league level.  (Insert deep breath and long sigh here.)

Karstens after you drink your dozen egg yolks, here is some bulletin board material for you.  I suggest before heading to the mound, please read this about your opponent/teammate Virgil Vasquez. “He’s intriguing because he does throw strikes and he does have pitches,” manager John Russell said. “He just has to have a better mix of them and to utilize what he has.” 

Sounds like you have a wide open shot at taking the job.  You can prove some people wrong today.  It seems obvious that you appear to be the solid favorite.

Russell continued about Vasquez, “I was pleased with how he attacked the zone. It’s nice to see him throw strikes. He gets ahead. I think once he starts to use his other pitches, that’s going to make him more successful.”

Jeff, Virgil attempts to call you out in the following quote. “I don’t know how they perceive me,” Vasquez said. “I’ve gone out there for most of the spring and I feel like my stuff has been comparable to every guy who’s fighting for this spot. I just have to keep doing it. Hopefully, my next start will be up here and I can bounce back. I want to show them how I bounce back, that one start’s not the end.”

Jeff, he says his stuff is comparable to yours.

Please show us differently today.