Jim Bibby Where Are You?


Right about now, the Pirates could use a pitcher like Jim Bibby.  Bibby was orginally drafted by the Mets and then by Uncle Sam.  He served in Vitenam and then he bounced around from team to team and always seemed poised to either have a meltdown or an incredible performance. 

He arrived in Pittsburgh as a .500 pitcher with control problems.  He would eat up innings and would allow nearly as many hits per innings pitched, but his earned runs were steadily half of the number of hits he allowed.  He could work out of a jam.

Right now, I would be willing to bet, the Pirates are scouring the league for such a talent.

Maybe it’s Donnie Veal?  Maybe it’s a name we have familiarity with, but aren’t convinced he could help the club.  Perhaps, the ‘he’ is already in the organization. 

However you slice it, the Pirates pitching corps looks like we need a Jim Bibby.  The fight appears to be Jeff Karstens vs. Virgil Vasquez. For now anyway.  Unless a pitcher performs better or the Pirates make a move.  And again, any move is not a guarantee, but perhaps necessary at this point.

Yesterday Karstens battled a loaded, well compensated, and intimidating Red Sox lineup.  Free passes killed any opportunity for a Pirates victory.  And a poor outing further heightened a search for the Jim Bibby of 2009.  The Red Sox won 11-4.

Karstens stepped to the mound today against the Red Sox and had a golden opportunity.  The fact that he didn’t pitch well leaves the opportunity on the table, still golden and shiny.  If anyone has a friend that  would be interested in this opportunity, please call or text Neil Huntington.   Today if you can.   Well, right now please.

The game was rather straightforward. Should Karstens pitch poorly, locust will envelope PNC Park on opening day.  Surely someone, anyone of the pitching staff will step up and take this job!   Karstens gave up four hits and three runs, walking three and striking out none.  All in all, he didn’t get it done.


 Donnie Veal was another disappointment with a poor performance, walking four and allowing a run over 1 2/3 innings.


Do The Pirates  make a trade?

Scour the waiver wire?

Call Jim Bibby?

Hell, call Jim Rooker?

All of the above?


With less than three weeks until opening day, Catcher Robinzon Diaz belted three hits and scored twice. Diaz is starting to put a stranglehold (boy thats becoming a cliche) on the catcher spot.  His defense is less than stellar, but I can see him coming to Pittsburgh on the opening day roster. 

Brandon Moss went 1-for-3 and drove in a run.  He played in a minor league game Thursday against the AAA Phillies and also hit well.  He is recovering from a thumb injury which had Pirates fans holding their breath.

The offense hit well today with   more hits including two by Craig Monroe.

Paul Maholm will start today against the Reds.

In 1979, the two Pirate five starters were veterans Jim Rooker and Jim Bibby.  Veterans Rooker (4-7, 85) and  Bibby (12-4, 140) split time in the #5 slot of the rotation, each getting 17 starts during the regular season. 

Where can the Pirates find pitching or do you feel the young guns will come around?

PS–More on possible moves the Pirates will make this weekend…Enjoy March Madness.  Ohio State is leading Iowa with three wrestlers in the finals today and Tom Ryan, OSU Head Coach is fired up!