Costas on the Radio: Tom Verducci Speaks on Pirates


It was interesting to hear Bob Costas last night speaking baseball with the author of The Torre Years. Well co-author or whatever.  At least we were talking baseball during NFL season.

We took the time to listen, because his insight is interesting and could be applied directly to the Pirates. 
I haven’t been able to dig up a direct link to the interview although I have the Costas site linked below.  (The interview isn’t posted yet)

Verducci made some outstanding points about money ball.   He also did a nice job of saying how much the game has changed.  IE The Redsox Front office paying attention to OPS rather than BA, landing some players like Ortiz.  Fascinating stuff.

Verducci then mentions there isn’t an excuse for ‘small market’ anymore.  The small markets receive 30 million, they can’t use it as an excuse.

I really enjoyed when they had a big chuckle over the fact that the Pittsburgh Pirates had “absolutely no shot” at going to the World Series.  Let’s trust this is a motivating factor for the Bucs because nobody is cancelling the season Verducci. 

Verducci even got a little chuckle about our 25 man roster, I think it might have been a cross between a groan and a quizzical grunt. Actually I think it was similar to the sound all of us made when some of the cuts were announced. We know we have better talent, but it’s just a little bit down the road. Remember….Pride Passion Patience.

One would believe this would fire up a team.  It brought my random thoughts somehow…to the end of last season in the NFL when I was talking to a friend close to the Baltimore Ravens.  The Ravens football coach told his team on the upcoming crucial game against the Cowboys.  The last at Texas Stadium.  I can almost hear him saying it to that amazing defense…’You know I guess the Cowboys could have picked anyone to play in their last home game, and they picked us gentlemen.  They chose the Baltimore Ravens.’  Anyone remember how that game turned out?

I know it is a different sport, but I think it’s fun to try and turn all of the negatives surrounding the Pirates into a positive.