Smokin’ Freddy Sanchez Hot for Pittsburgh Pirates


2006 NL Batting Champ Freddy Sanchez has four hits in his past six at bats.  Scored two runs.  Driven in two runs.  He has 8 total bases.  His slugging is .889.  He has a double and a homerun. It is two days into the Pirates 2009 campaign and I love what I see from our second baseman.

Sanchez has long been the subject of speculation around Pittsburgh.  Perhaps a target of fan frustration would be a better phrase.  ‘Defense is not a strength’, yet, Sanchez has an 84 game errorless streak at second base.  The Pirates turn more double plays than most teams over the long haul.

‘Sanchez bats too high in the order.’  ‘Sanchez doesn’t hit enough doubles…’  ‘Sanchez doesn’t deserve to be voted one of the 25 most beautiful Pittsburghers,’  ‘Sanchez isn’t patient, he always swings at the first pitch,’

It gets old… Sanchez… Sanchez… Sanchez…

Freddy has silenced his critics quickly this season.  His first home run of the season was a shot off Kyle Lohse Tuesday night in the Pirates 9-3 loss to the Cardinals.  He hit his first home run in 2008 on May 1.  It was his 26th game.

Sanchez has back-to- back two hit games for the Pirates.  Sanchez is 3-7 against RHP and 1-2 against LHP.

With runners in scoring position, he is 1-2.

So for two days, I was able to enjoy the Pirates, not hear about the multitude of Sanchez’ weaknesses from my counterparts, and just watch Freddy be Freddy.  Replay the video about his tough childhood on again, I love the spirit and determination he puts on the field.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Freddy is Smokin Sanchez again Bucco Fans!