Cincinnati: Land of the Lost; DUI Video of Hall, Reds Fans Can’t Find Free Scorecard, Next Up? Surely a Sweep by the Bucs


The Pirates roll into Cincinnati today.  Jeff Karstens gets the start in the city where Leon Hall continues to mire most NFL players in a bad light.  It is so bad in Cincinnati that this quote was on the wire…’Hall is the first Bengals player to face criminal charges in nearly a year.’  Huh?  Like that is a good thing?  Nobody busted for nearly a year?   He’s scheduled to be arraigned in Clermont County Municipal Court today. 

I trust it was just a mixup and he didnt really blow  0.149. The legal limit in Ohio is 0.08.  It seems that his wife was pregnant and he was headed to see his new baby be born.  Instead of seeing the baby, I believe he might have spent the night in the clink.  Some poor taste from fans that were posting on some of the Bengals sites even said, ‘where were you when I was being born Dad?’  That just crosses the line.  I am sorry.  In the video of the arrest, his 2007 Mercedes appears to cross the center line and he looks a little confused when talking with the police officer but nothing out of the ordinary…sort of like when he played against the Steelers.Here is the police video of the arrest

In other Bengal news, Ocho Cinco is not going to relish a number one pick.  Sorry, ‘Bengal Sources’  I am not buying it.  He is yours and yours alone to deal with this season.  Good Luck with that.

About the only good news in Cincinnati is the Pirates are coming to town.  It appears that the news media and Reds fans feel that the Reds will be able to get back on the winning side of the ledger with the Pirates and Brewers coming to town.  Not so fast.  Yeh, the Mets are the class of baseball, sure, believe your own hype.  You played them tough.  Ok, you still lost.  And I find most fans must truly be lost when I read what I am about to share with you.  Read below for a good laugh…

"This is from the Cincinnati Inquirer…I  find it interesting that the same city that gave us Harry Wright, “The Father of Baseball” whose scorebooks of the 1869-70 Cincinnati Red Stockings, baseball’s first professional team, still live on, has now priced the daily scoreboards into extinction.While I think it’s great that the Reds have a daily $1 hot dog, $5 ticket and $5 beer, somebody clearly messed up when they did away with the $1 scorecard. I know people who attend 40 games a year, and think nothing of buying 40 scoreboards at $1 apiece, scoring the game and hanging onto it as keepsake"

Talk about checking your facts.  The writer blasts the team for a few more paragraphs and then we find out that the scorecards are now free.  How hilarious. The full story and be sure to read the comments below for the punchline.

News out of Pittsburgh is that Karstens is changing his delivery?  Huh?  He will be throwing more over the top tonight.

On the mound for CIN: RHP Johnny Cueto (9-14, 4.81 ERA in 2008)
Cueto is back for his second season after going 9-14 with a 4.81 ERA in 31 starts during his promising but inconsistent 2008 rookie season. The 23-year-old righty showed signs he will improve in ’09 by posting a 1.57 ERA in five Cactus League games with six walks and 13 strikeouts over 23 innings. In three starts against the Pirates last season, Cueto was 2-1 with a 4.50 ERA, giving up 18 hits in 16 innings. Pitch conservation will be a big goal for Cueto this season, who was often unable to go deep in games as a rookie

"Let’s Go Bucs!"