May I Have Your Attention Please: The Pedro Alvarez Show Begins


While everyone was busy losing in various fashion from blowout to nailbiters yesterday in the Pirate organization, Pedro Alvarez was taking care of business.  He led his team to victory in the season opener in Lynchburg.

He batted third for the Hillcats and went 3 for 4.  He drove in four runs, slammed a two-run opposite field home run of reliever Andrew Kown and rapped a two-run double in the seventh that provided the winning margin.

Welcome to professional ball fella.

We said yesterday that we wanted Alvarez to have a ”one night stand” and move through Lynchburg quickly.  Heh, this story about a helicopter being ready to take him to Altoona is great news!

And the MILB story is posted here for you.

The major league club ran into the buzzsaw known as Chris Carpenter, the Indians brought no joy to Indianapolis as we were hoping. Jason Davis was rocked, the Indians fell 16-5.  Andrew McCutchen was 2-4 and had a triple.  “It was a great way to start the year, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It feels good just to have a quick jump start to the season, hopefully I keep the same approach I am having right now, I feel good and hopefully if I keep that throughout the whole year I am going to have some success.”  On a pending callup to the big leagues, “I’m going to think about it because I am so close to the Majors, but I try not to because I can’t control what happens.  All I can control is what is going on right now here in Triple-A and if I keep doing my job here everything else is going to take care of itself.”  But the best quote of all was this…remember how many strikeouts we saw in spring training?  This is about his RBI single…“It was just balance, I just used my two-strike approach.  I had two strikes on me and I was able to stay on it and drive it up the middle, and we were able to get a run off of it.”

Altoona fell at Erie again, this time 10-7 with Brian Friday having a big day.  But Jose Tabata kept his streak alive by going 1 for 4.