Sunday Showdown: Harang vs Snell


Both Aaaron Harang and Ian Snell are coming off terrible offseasons.  Today could be the highest scoring game of the season, but I see it differently.  For some reason.

Harang lost 33 pounds in the offseason.  Snell doesn’t have a weight problem, it seems more mental.

Harang gave up 35 homeruns last year.  Snell gave up 18 homeruns.

Harang is from one coast, San Diego while Snell is from the other Delaware.

A little over two weeks ago in Brandenton, Harang brought a 1-2 record and a 7.24 ERA to the mound to face the Pirates.  He pitched six innings of no-hit ball in the Reds’ 6-0 victory over the Pirates. He walked two and struck out four. The win snapped a seven-game losing streak for the Reds.

“He was sharp,” Dusty Baker said. “He had a great breaking ball, threw some good inside fastballs. That’s as good an outing as I’ve seen in a long time. He should feel very proud of himself. Hopefully, we can go from here.”

Harang came out after reaching his pitch limit of 90.  I was working on a lot of off-speed stuff today, throwing it early in the count,” he said. “My fastball is going to be there. I wanted to make sure the other stuff is sharp.

“I was able to keep those pitches down in the zone, move the ball around and keep them off balance.”   The no-no ended when former Bucco Mike Lincoln gave up a single to Nate McLouth to start the seventh. “I didn’t even know he had one,” Lincoln said. 

Let’s trust Harang falls back in love with his not so fast  fastball.  The fastball that the LaRoche brothers loved last year, each took one yard against  Harang.  In fact, Adam LaRoche has hit rather well against Harang, keep an eye on him while you hunt for your eggs.

Oh Mike Lincoln…it was soooo good to see you (and your now 34.71ERA) yesterday in Cincinnatti.  Ryan Doumit sends his love.  The Doumit grand slam was icing on the cake in a 10-2 romp over the lackluster Reds.

Harang threw 110 pitches in five innings against the Mets in his first outing this year.  He gave up a home run which was the only run he earned while handing out seven hits.  He took the loss.  Snell lasted just four innings giving up nine hits, six runs, and three walks.  He took the loss.

Tomorrow is a crossroads.  I see Snell bouncing back.  Something is wrong with the Reds.  Is it in the clubhouse?  Sure does seem like it.


*Jason Bay had eight assists last year with the Pirates and Red Sox.  Brandon Moss has two in five games.  So, have you let it go yet or do you still miss Bay?

*Are the Reds self destructing?  Paul Maholm grew up right in front of us today against a lackluster Cincinnati Reds ballclub.  He was sharp early and his two seamer was crisp.  His slider was solid.  Kerrigan is doing something this year I haven’t seen, the pitchers are starting games with much sharper stuff.  All Maholm was was missing was the zip on his fastball and some late command.  The great thing about Maholm is he knew it and still fired a three hitter.  Can you imagine how much better he could get?

*Before the game, I loved reading that Jarmillo would possibly get his first MLB start instead of Doumit.  Great stuff Russell.   Keep teasing Doumit with an off day,brilliant strategy.  Hope that elbow feels better soon Skip.  Nice slam Ryan.

*And again, welcome back Mike Lincoln.  The Pirates were thrilled to see you on the bump again!

*How about those Astros?  Pujols went yard twice as Cards routed 11-2.