So Sweet My Teeth Hurt; Pirates Win Opener 7-0


The Bucs took care of the Astros yesterday setting a tone for an important homestand in which The Astros served mainly as formality today.

It was a somber beginning as the Pirates paid tribute to our fallen heroes of the PBP (Pittsburgh Bureau of Police)

It felt great to be a Pirate fan.

It was also great to assist the PBP.

Some pictures from an amazing day for baseball in Pittsburgh.

Some thoughts:

Cotton candy, Cracker Jack, man I love this game.

Is there a better video than the Steve Blass celebration and his locker room reaction?  WOW!

It was nice to see Adam LaRoche have a great day hitting some shots, but I also enjoyed the walk he earned.  Don’t press, it will come big fella.  And it did.

Line of the day from the Pittsburgh Police Officer in the trivia quiz.  The announcer asked, ” what would you think if you would have won a twenty game ticket pack?”  The Officer didn’t miss a beat and replied, “well, could I pitch?”  That is why they are the best in the business.

Everybody had a hit, but Zach Duke’s double was a laser off the base of 399 outfield wall.  Impressive work Tony Beasley.

Duke walked in the seventh inning…what music do we hear?  Oh yeh, that 80’s rocker Eddie Money with “Walk on Water.”  Great pick.

Pirates jump to number two in the majors with a 2.70ERA.  Please don’t pinch me.  This feels really good.

PNC Park was full today.  The product on the field was fantastic.  The food and beverage service, well… it left a little to be desired.  In a tight economy, I would imagine every dollar in the cash register is important.  In a quick poll, Aramark Food Service left an estimated $15 per person in the pockets of the 25 members of our group.

Steve Blass was ‘humbled’ by the event and the fact that the Pirates flew in his high school coach for the event.